Bagging & Sachet Fill

At Grange we have various bagging capabilities in a range of designs and sizes.

With our range of clean rooms and machine setups available we are able to achieve many design concepts:

  • Standard pillow pack
  • Pillow pack with side gusset
  • Pouch style bag
  • Block bottom side sealed bag

With a range of clean room availability we can cater for all requests from allergen and allergen free products to temperature and humidity sensitive products.

We have a range of filling options through multihead weighers and auger fill, enabling us to fill anything from powders to larger bulky products in wide range of widths/lengths and weights.

We also have a range of seals options available:

  • Fin Seal
  • Lap Seal
  • End seal with Nic Tare
  • End Seal with Euro Slot Inclusion.

Our range of multiheads allow us to complete inclusion filling with up to three ingredient inclusions alternatively for more complex recipes we have a blending clean room facility.

All lines have the availability of checkweighers and metal detection in line with current legislation