Real Time Traceability


What define Grange as market leaders in the co pack arena is our superior quality standards throughout all levels of the business from your first contact with site through to high quality products entering the market place, running in parallel with this Grange run a leading global software systems called Syspro.

Syspro is used in a variety of industries from aerospace and pharmaceuticals through to food and beverage industries.

Syspro gives the business 100% accurate traceability from the minute a component pallet pulls through the front gate immediately capturing all relevant information including time of arrival/haulier/supplier/batches/quantities/ unit of measure and unique pallet identity.

This information allows us to track any material as it moves throughout the business. The accuracy of this system assists with quality track and trace along with MRP and material control. Another benefit of running such a superior software system allows us to monitor yield control with confidence data is accurate and allows us to home in on any problem areas creating working teams achieve constant improvements across the business.

Grange has always maintained A grade status at BRC and have always been able to produce any track and trace with accuracy and timed efficiency.

Our systems are put to the test constantly as we complete regular track and trace audits both internally and externally at customer request.

Syspro also creates a slick warehousing and production operation with pallets able to move throughout the business through a scanning system set up to capture all information prior to any sku going into production. The system prevents quality issues with material and packing codes set up only to scan only to correct jobs. The system also automatically flag up low shelf life product’s prior to production assisting in efficient stock rotation maintaining top class standards and minimising unnecessary waste.

Syspro also assists with forecasting and accounting areas of the business giving a total business management system you can be confident all aspects of your account are being managed efficiently.