Tray, Pot & Top Hat Sealing

Traditionally a clean room activity when considering naked or primary wrap products that follow a required recipe, either single component or multiple ingredients. If the product is already wrapped then a mix can be provided to give an assortment.

Here we dose, deposit or add ingredients to a tray or top hat and a seal is applied to the top to provide a stay fresh or barrier pack solution. This application also lends itself well to novel or seasonal designs.

Current layouts include:-

  • Confectionery or biscuit tray with a fill of single or multi variety contents. A clear or artwork designed film or foil is then applied.
  • Breakfast or snack bowls with the addition of milk, sugar and a spoon.
  • Top hat. This is a shallow cup that clips on to the top of a desert pot or drink cup to provide a ‘add to taste’ solution or a method of separating a dry inclusion to a wet product such as in deserts like yogurts.

Where a total pack solution is required involving new pack designs we have a close working relationship with some of the UK’s top packaging suppliers to offer a solution from concept to market.