Pot-Fill,Top Hat & Tray Sealing

High speed pot-filling capabilities with a range of filling systems including multihead weighing and auger filling that will accommodate a range of product formats including porridges, granola, pasta, rice, couscous, noodles and cereals.

Products can be fed in a range of options from bulk dosing to onsite blending or online inclusion additions.

The production lines are fully adaptable to meet all the following concepts

  • Pot-fill with film or foil lid sealing applications, along with secondary clip on lid if required.
  • Tray fill of multiple components such as confectionary or Cracker selections with film seal
  • Top-hat filling for inclusion products such as granola’s to clip on yoghurt pots
  • Additions such as milk cartons, spoons and sugar sachets for cereal portions or tuna pots added to carb pots using a sleeved option.

We offer a total pack solution working closely with some of the UK’s leading packaging manufacturers to engineer the perfect solution for your product concept.