Blending & Inclusions


Grange’s most recent site upgrade project has been progressing the business into the blending sector of the food industry.

Grange have recently invested in a orb mix vacuum tumbling food blending system being utilised for a recent fruit porridge pot launch for an exciting new customer to our portfolio, Grange were closely involved through the concept stages of this product right through to the launch.

Grange also has several years of experience of inclusion weighing mixing up to three components through a sectioned multihead weigher. We have a state of the art 36 head multipond S5R food multihead weighing system capable of a three head split that can achieve accurate inclusion weighing capable of automatically rejecting underweight’s before they are added to the finished product mix ensuring total yield control whilst maintaining high speed production outputs keeping costs at an absolute minimum.

Grange also have amongst our assets two multihead food weighing systems in purpose built cleanroom pods with pouch bagging availability and two further multipond weighing systems in cleanroom pods with bagging opportunities with a range of bagging sizes and formats.

Inclusion filling is also available on our cup/pot fill line using an easiweigh system with dispensing head, mixing up to three components on an easiweigh trio weighing system who has full European R62 NMI type approval for their weighers which is one of the toughest approval criteria to achieve, giving us total confidence in the kit we are using ensuring accuracy and quality assurance.

All of our weighing systems are set up with memory systems to ensure minimal line set up times with all information preset into the memories also eliminating operative error preset information is as a site standard set by engineering personnel and verified with our technical teams prior to any line commencing production maximising production availability time.