Biscuits & Snacks


Grange currently provides services for many snack based customers and have experience in a variety of pack styles and production formats.

We have been a leader in the pouch styled formats of this area of the market in the last year alone we have serviced the market with over 7.2millon packs produced across 33 different sku’s ensuring our top quality standards are adhered to on every pack that leaves our facility.

Grange offer a variety of different flow wrapping options from small portion packs aimed at health conscious markets and convenience markets through to larger family economy packs and again have produced in excess of 4.5 million packs across a range of 22 sku’s and 4 customers.

Throughout our facility we apply an array of coding options and even service global markets with various coding applications and various batching format requirements, we always endeavor to service all multilingual coding requirements on request